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                                                                            FIRM EXPERTISE
"Your casino security experts"

Casino Litigation Experts
SG3 consists of former Casino "insiders" who can provide your firm with the information necessary to ensure a successful conclusion to your case.
Personal Injury attorneys who contract with us have reported settling more cases  and with much higher awards than previously recorded. Our experts
work with counsel by conducting a thorough case review, developing a comprehensive discovery request utilizing industry language and knowledge, 
consultation throughout the litigative process, and providing a detailed finalized report for use in litigation. 

Casino Security Operations Consulting
Our former Security executives can provide consulting services for the pre-planning phase of newly established casinos. Whether it is development
and implementation of security policy and procedures, hiring and retention practices, officer / supervisor training, operational design and protocol, CC-TV
placement and security management systems. 

SG3 offers existing casino venues comprehensive security reviews related to operations, policy and procedure, training, report writing,
internal investigative matters and much more. 


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